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About us 

This Elite, risk free, sports pick online Website was developed by a team of people with over thirty six years of experience in sports betting. These individuals were directly involved in generating the actual sports team run lines for the two major sports books in the United States for over ten years. 


This site differs from others because it offers sports bettors a new Handicapping experience. Our motto is to “put our money where our picks are.” On our site, we are offering guaranteed lock bets in the sport package to which you have subscribed. What this means is, We will refund our subscribers for their full lock bet purchase if the bet loses. 


Our senior team of handicappers have been working on a win rate ratio of over 88% for our daily picks in four different sports, for over two years of trials, and with a win rate in locks per day of over 95%. We have the utmost confidence in our ability to gather information that is not available to other handicappers, and we are ready to put our money on the line like no other.


Elite Sports Picks is a cut above any other handicapping site out there, because we stand behind our picks, so much so that we offer a FULL refund if our picks do not come through.  


More specifically, We will refund our monthly subscription holders from our membership pool, and make the actual bet completely risk free to our customers. 


Our team of professionals gathers private information on top of seasonal team and player statistics on a daily basis. This site uses privileged information and factors it into their picks like no other website of its kind. 


The team that developed this site does what no one else can do, by taking the human side factor into account along with a statistical back up. Firsthand knowledge of a players condition, and mindset of the team, can not be obtained through normal sources. By developing close relationships with key personnel of professional teams for many years, we can not believe more strongly in our system. To prove this, we make our lock picks totally refundable if they lose. 


We urge you to Try out a one month membership with Elite and to see and feel the difference for yourself. Your profits will soar!  


Best Regards, 


The Elite Sports Picks Team

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